What we do



“Once you can open yourself up to the idea that your defectiveness is not a fact, the healing process can begin to work.”

Jeffery E. Young

Minds Connected Counseling fosters a sense of connection in a safe and confidential environment. This allows individuals, couples, and families to heal and grow. 



“We all often think about what's easy to think about, rather than what's right to think about.”

David Rock

Minds Connected Coaching provides you with the support you need to unlock your greatest potential. We support you in your growth journey to improve your thinking in both your personal and professional roles. 



“Inviting our thoughts and feelings into awareness allows us to learn from them rather than be driven by them.”

Daniel J. Siegel

Minds Connected Seminars & Workshops create learning opportunities for teams & organizations of any size. Our insightful content and engaging presenters offer learners pragmatic tools to improve their daily thought life. 

Who we serve

Adolescent Counseling


(11 -18 years)

We walk with you through the most foundational physical, developmental, and social transitions to help you establish your sense of identity, independence, and connection.

Young Adult Counseling

Young Adults

We support you while you are developing yourself in the areas of education, career, friendships, and intimate relationships.

Adult counseling


We provide a safe place for you to process and learn to manage all areas of life while working on current issues and goals.

Couples Counseling


We work with you as a couple (dating, engaged, or married) to identify areas to grow and strengthen your relationship.

Family counseling


We engage your family in a collaborative process to grow together and to improve in a variety of areas.